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Window Altitude by Energi
Altitude window
Altitude window

The Energi Altitude Window Series

Designed for impressive performance,

The Energi Altitude Window Series meets the
CW Classification, meaning mid-rise buildings with
institutional application. It provides the possibility of
multiple assembly and opening configurations
(casement, awning, fix, tilt).

This high energy efficient window features extruded
aluminum profiles interior and exterior connected to
the thermal insulation system "Performance Core",
representing the core of the window.

ENERGI Fenestration Solutions EnergyStar NFRC AAMA


The aluminum profiles for the frame are mechanically fastened with steel screws inserted in the appropriate aluminum profile grooves. The aluminum profiles for the sashes are assembled with aluminum corners completely adjustable for a perfect exterior finish.



The frame depth is 117mm (4 5/8") or 152mm (6"). The standard sash depth is 73mm (2 7/8") with a height of 44mm (1 3/4'') and designed for 25mm (1") glazed units. Mullions are 116mm (4 9/16") deep.



Continuous flexible weatherstrip and glazing beads, including the corners, on the glazed unit perimeter, ensure optimal insulation. A structural sealant joint is inserted on the window periphery on the interior part of the operating sash.


Performance Core

The thermal insulation system "Performance Core" is fusion assembled ensuring a maximum air and water tightness.

Thermal performances

Venting Window (Casement)

Double Pane / Warm Edge Spacer
Low-e / Argon

  • Uvalue = 0,27 (Btu/h*ft2*oF)
  • RE = 30 (Energy Rating)
  • ENERGY STAR® 2010 : ZONE C
  • 3 points (LEED for Homes)

Fixed Window

Double Pane / Warm Edge Spacer
Low-e / Argon

  • Uvalue = 0,26 (Btu/h*ft2*oF)
  • RE = 36 (Energy Rating)
  • ENERGY STAR® 2010 : ZONE D
  • 3 points (LEED for Homes)

Structural performances

  • AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A4a40-08 A440S1-09
  • Classe CW-PG100, 915 X 1829mm (36" x 72")
  • Classe CW-PG80, 2388 X 1600mm (94" x 63")

The screens can be removed from the inside.

4 9/16'' et 6"

1'' (25mm) Dual Pane


The aluminum extrusions are made of alloy and quench aluminum
6063-T5, in accordance with the NAFS-08/11 standard.

The thermal insulation system is in accordance with the
AAMA 303 standard.

The Energi Altitude Window Series meets the requirements
of the AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-08 standard.

EnergyStar NFRC AAMA
High Structural Performance

High Structural Performance

This series provides energy cost savings, longevity, durability and great looks.



PVC is 100% recyclable and very durable.



Available in Casement, Awning, Hopper (tilt) or Fixed Window. Combination windows are achieved using either structural mullions with continuous frames or modular construction.

Performance Core

Performance Core is a new proprietary engineered material, designed for specific tasks, offering improved dimensional stability and higher deflection temperatures, resulting in increased strength.

With this new technology, manufacturers have access to the perfect combination for their market. The Altitude Window Series provides window manufacturers with a competitive edge.

Altitude Window Brochure

Altitude Brochure

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Altitude Window Series

Aluminum window frame profiles design for impressive performance

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